RS MaxPatch

In addition to RS Technik’s complete lining rehabilitation systems, RS MaxPatch® is available for fast, trenchless, selective repair methods. RS MaxPatch® is a proven trenchless cured-in- place point repair system used to renew short sections of DN 100 up to DN 500 mm diameter gravity-flow pipelines. The corrosion-resistant fiberglass composite system is an excellent means of repairing and sealing isolated pipe defects such as cracks, leaks, joint offsets, corrosion and root intrusion. The high-strength resin and fiberglass matrix provides unmatched structural strength while its thin, tapered profile and smooth finish help maintain or increase flow capacity.
RS MaxPatch® resins are cured under ambient sewer conditions with very low shrink and will even cure under water. This produces the tightest possible fit against the host pipe while eliminating the need for a preliner and heater system.

The RS MaxPatch® has comprehensive suitability tests and is approved by the DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) as a procedure.

How to do it!

MaxPatch 02To protect the packer, a release agent is first applied to the packer. Then the packer is wrapped and fixed evenly with a protective film.

The size of the glass fiber mat is dependent on the size of the damaged area and the required overlap.

Combine the different resin components after proper mixing. Several layers of the mixture are applied to the glass fiber mat.

The impregnated glass fiber mat is wound several times onto the prepared packer, fixed and then pushed into the tube.

The packer is positioned at the damaged area and cured under the specified pressure and the calculated curing time.