RS Maxliner

Vehicle- & Trailer extensions

The RS MaxLiner® system offers the ability to reline lateral pipes while providing the same benefits of the CIPP process and specific formulated epoxies. Applications include laterals, verticals, roof drains, industrial drains and more. The turnkey system includes all equipment necessary for on-site impregnation of the liners as well as vacuum pumps, heating units and air compressors for even curing, and cutters for reinstatement.

The centrepieces of the RS MaxLiner® system are the RS LinerGun® and the RS CCM®, the former is a lightweight inversion device for an easy handling inversion technology of the rehabilitation of pipes. It is equally suitable for open or closed-end installation. Second, a fully automatic dosing and mixing unit, which allows the air-free mixing of the resin components while optimising the pot-life. The RS CCM® further has the advantage that the complete installation process is documented and can be passed on to the client if required.

RS MaxLiner® is mounted without bushings or multiple fixtures and has very low operational roughness due to its fabrication and material structure. RS MaxLiner® not only helps adjust the minimum section loss but can also improve the hydraulic system of overloaded conduits.

The epoxy-based resin MaxPox® glues the liner completely with the inner surface of the pipe, thus forming a solid unit. This helps prevent moisture from the liner and prevents the water from permeating. Concrete corrosion and normal corrosion are thus stopped by this method.

The Institute for Botanical Biology in Basel discovered in the field that the trees do not affect the MaxPox epoxy resin. Thus, pipes which have been rehabilitated with the RS MaxLiner® system are free of root intrusion.


Depending on the arrangement of the pipes, RS MaxLiner® is assembled through the duct, the cellar openings
or the roof gully. Special types of liners as well as special epoxy resins and curing agents are available for
different types of pipe systems.

The RS liner is tailored to the necessary
length and both components (MaxPox®
resin and curing agent) are mixed.

The epoxy mixture is filled in the liner
and evenly distributed with a calibration

With the help of the RS LinerGun®
(inversion device) the impregnated liner
is installed in the damaged pipe by
means of compressed air. The liner
has been cured under pressure . The curing may be accelerated with hot water or steam .

Where the liner has sealed inlets, it is
possible to cut them open with the
milling robot RS Cutter.

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Vehicle & Trailer extensions