RS Cityliner

RS CityLiner® systems provide unparalleled logistical advantages including the ability to prepare, impregnate and install epoxy-impregnated liners right on the job site. Equipped with everything you need – including on-board holding tanks for resin and hardener, a mixing unit and calibration roller assembly – this self-contained approach also provides the flexibility to apply the technology in almost any relining situation, regardless of location or type of pipe. RS CityLiner® is always ready to go and is especially useful for emergency repair works as well as small and large scope projects.

RS CityLiner® has been used throughout Europe, Asia, the USA and Mexico for over 25 years. Efficiency and quality are well-proved!

VacuumIn order to avoid air pockets, the liner is set under vacuum. No air pockets = higher degree of strength and denser laminated structure.

CalibrationThe necessary amount of resin is preset and evenly distributed in the liner with the help of calibration rollers.

The epoxy resin mixture, produced without air in the mixing unit, is directly filled from the static mixer into the liner. The mixing process is permanently and automatically monitored and guarantees a constant product quality. Water pressure or air pressure upends the impregnated liner with a calibration roller speed of up to one meter per minute. The liner is inversed.

CuringThe curing process is accomplished by circulating hot water or by pressure with steam. Then the house service connections are opened quickly and precisely by means of RS cutters or robots. After that, the house service connections are ready to use again.