RS Technik system solutions will give you inner strength.

In addition to our high-quality rehabilitation techniques and materials, we offer comprehensive
training and support to assist our customers during each phase of their projects. Ultimately, we
believe an engineered solution that integrates products, technology and know-how offers the best
opportunity to experience consistent, reliable, repeatable success.

Technology Training Courses

All RS Technik customers are trained in the proper handling of equipment and materials,
with step-by-step instructions that result in high levels of consistent installation success.

System Training Courses

Our customers receive in-depth theoretical and practical training regarding the correct handling of the system components as well as detailed procedural guidelines and training in the CIPP rehabilitation process.

Intensive Seminars

With these seminars, RS Technik systems users can expand their knowledge in theory and practice
and learn more about the handling of new technologies and materials as well as operational criteria
of the system. The seminars offer detailed background knowledge for construction supervisors and
on-site users with the aim to strengthen awareness of quality issues. We also work with our
customers to help them take the steps necessary to attain quality marks.


We offer these workshops to extend the knowledge regarding the practical use of the rehabilitation
technology and system, to answer current questions, to eliminate difficulties and to inform about
new innovations in CIPP technology. A short, theoretical overview is also included.

Customized Training Courses

If required, we support our customers with theory-based seminars specially tailored for their unique
needs and installations. These courses are typically conducted on-site, offering practical, real-world

The training and consulting offer of RS Technik AG is supported by the company IQS Engineering AG